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“What is Poverty?” T-Shirts

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Order your shirt with a $15 suggested donation benefiting M-POWER Ministries.

Help M-POWER Ministries spread the word that poverty is not just about money.

In fact, no one resource will help someone get out of poverty. Poverty includes a lack of sufficient financial resources, but it is so much more. Poverty is the opposite of wholeness.

Wholeness requires resources like education, physical and mental health, emotional health, finances, a support system, healthy relationships, role models and more.

We define poverty as significant deficits in three or more of these vital resources. When these deficits last into a second generation, we call this generational poverty. Generational poverty creates a poverty culture.

M-POWER Ministries provides opportunities for people to break the cycle of poverty through education and health services.

When you wear an M-POWER “What is Poverty?” t-shirt you are helping us share the truth about the obstacles that affect those we serve.

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