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M-POWER Ministries

When someone says, “poverty,” what images do you see?

Starving children in Africa? Latin American tribe members walking miles for fresh water? Untouchables in India who have been stricken with leprosy?

We tend to think of poverty as a fixed point of desperation, something far removed from us that only foreign missionaries encounter.

The truth is this: many of your neighbors in Birmingham are trapped in a cycle of generational poverty. If you compare their wealth to that of people in Africa, Latin America, or India, how do they stack up? Well, they’re incredibly wealthy. And that’s where we find our major fallacy in thinking about poverty.

Poverty is not about money.

People trapped in generational poverty need more than money to escape the cycle that debilitates families from having enough.

Enough bread for hungry mouths. Enough education to find employment. Enough health to try. Enough emotional support to dream. Enough faith to persevere.

M-POWER Ministries gives people opportunities to break this cycle and venture toward enough.