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Why Are We Here


Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with M-POWER Ministries? We offer monthly volunteer orientations for those interested in learning more about our work and ways to serve. Contact Nick Dietschweiler or visit our Eventbrite events page to find out more and sign up for our next volunteer orientation!

 What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is someone who chooses to perform services for M-POWER Ministries without compensation or expectation of compensation, and who performs a task at the direction of, and on behalf of, M-POWER. A volunteer must be officially accepted and enrolled by M‑POWER prior to performance of the task.

Volunteers play an integral part in fulfilling the mission of M-POWER Ministries. They provide support, expertise, time, experience, ideas, and energy enabling projects and tasks to be accomplished that would not be possible without volunteers. Volunteers meet the various needs of clients by sharing the love of Christ through action. As volunteers fulfill different service roles, they learn more about poverty, the people poverty affects, and refine their understanding of how they are individually suited to help meet the needs poverty creates.

M-POWER was created to be a service arm of the church universal. Recognizing that the Bible and the teachings of Jesus call men and women to help “the least of these,” M-POWER equips volunteers to minister to the vulnerable in our community. As a faith-based nonprofit, M-POWER is unique in that our volunteer opportunities allow individuals to use their various gifts to serve client needs. Whether gifted as a physician, math tutor, Bible study teacher, or dentist, M-POWER helps you use the skills God has give you to serve his people.