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Dalton Smith

Executive Director

Dalton Smith

Dalton Smith was recently named Executive Director of M-POWER. Dalton, a self-described “recovering lawyer” has worked in the for profit, non-profit and government sectors. Prior to coming to M-POWER, Dalton was a partner at Scout Branding, a full-service advertising company in Birmingham.

Dalton and his wife, Stephanie, have seven children and are members of Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. In his spare time (of which there is not a lot), he enjoys reading, golf, youth coaching, and being a spectator at numerous soccer games.

Thomas Smith

Director of the Education Center

Thomas Smith


Lisa Bryan, CPA

Director of Finance

Lisa Bryan, CPA

Lisa Bryan is the Director of Finance at M-POWER. Hailing from the banking industry, Lisa joined the staff after serving on the Board of Directors for several years. M-POWER is in her blood.

As M-POWER’s resident number cruncher, Lisa makes sure M-POWER uses our resources effectively to advance our mission. She handles the spending of the money with integrity and keeps us all honest.

Lisa and her husband John are likely the nicest people you’ll ever encounter and would happily give you the shirts off their back if you asked. Always concerned for the needs of others, they’re the ones you want in your corner.

Lisa makes a mean chocolate pie and enjoys leading Bible studies and biking at Hilton Head on family vacations. She and John have two children, Phillip and Catherine, who are the lights of their lives.

Lisa loves M-POWER because our volunteers make such a difference in the lives of our patients and students.

Beverly Sansom

Program Manager

Beverly Sansom

Beverly Sansom is the Program Manager for the Education Center at M-POWER. A passion for adult education, counseling and classroom teaching background, and life coach certification has prepared Beverly for helping our students make academic gains in an environment that nurtures the whole person.

With more than twenty years’ experience in the field of adult literacy, Beverly is a nationally sought after trainer. She brings vitality and missional focus to everything she does, inspiring others with her zest for life and memorable sayings like, “You can’t push a string.”

Beverly is married to, Dennis. They have a precious Maltese dog named, Cara, and two sons, J.D. and Stephen. Stephen and his wife Rebecca have made her the proud grandmother to three sweet grandbunnies.

In her spare time, Beverly likes to travel, read, go on long walks, play the flute and practice calligraphy.

Beverly loves M-POWER because it gives her an opportunity to serve and believe in others.

At m-power,

we’re about caring for people.
You can’t have a neighborhood or
a community or a city or county
without the people in it.


People with hearts. People who care.
People who make a difference.

Education Center

Thomas Smith

Education Center Director

Rene Bradberry

Program Manager, GED/Ready to Work

Alex LaGanke

Program Coordinator

Ryann Mitchell

Program Manager, Learning Center on Greensprings

Beverly Sansom

Program Manager, Literacy

Health Center

Beverly Parker

Health Center Director

Lorene Waller, RN, BSN, BC

Day Clinic Coordinator

Erin Dorman

Medical Scribe

Tammie Sawyer, NP

Clinic Coordinator

Beth Calloway

Dispensary Coordinator


Dalton Smith

Executive Director

Anita Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Bryan

Director of Finance

Joe Glasgow

Facilities Manager